Graduate school


Today’s society is in a continuous state of evolution, making the study of law and political science areas of constant demand.

The HIU Graduate School of Law is dedicated to creating faces of leadership in a new age, providing the most current and comprehensive preparation possible for students interested in law. Faculty and staff are focused on students, offering personal attention and individual academic advising for students interested in law.

The HIU Graduate School program offers in-depth, intensive courses exploring the intersection of law, political and business issues. The courses provide ideal preparation for those motivated candidates who wish to advance to the highest level of their academic, research, and career goals. Master candidates have the opportunity to select from two highly reputable majors available at HIU: Law and Political Science/Public Administration.

Each HIU graduate candidate is provided with ample private space in order to maximize concentrated research potential. In addition, HIU professors and faculty advisors assist individual candidates with course selection and career counseling beginning in the first year of study.

For further information and application materials, contact the graduate school administration.

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