Heisei International University Calendar 2015-2016

Spring Term Event
(2015) April 2-4 On campus student orientation
April 6 Entrance Ceremony
April 7 Classes begin
April 7-11 2nd- 4th year students’ course registration
April 7-18 1st year students’ course registration
April 13-14 Off campus freshman orientation camp
April 29 Regular Wednesday classes (no classes 5/1, 4, 5, 6)
May 18 School Foundation Day (classes in session)
May 28 Sporting Event (no classes)
July 20 Marine Day (classes in session)
July 24 Last day of classes
July 18,25 Make-up class period
July 27-31 Exam period
August 1
  September 23
Summer recess
September 11 Make-up exam period (eligible students)
Fall Term Event
(2015) September 24 Course registration guidance
September 25 Classes begin
September 25
  October 1
Course registration
October 12 Sports Day (classes in session)
(from) October 26 Class list (registration) distribution
November 3 Culture Day
October 29
  November 2
School Festival (set-up, clean-up: no classes)
November 23 Labor Thanksgiving Day (classes in session)
December 23-January 5 Winter recess
(2016) January 6 Classes resume
January 15 Standardized test venue preparation (no classes)
January 16-17 Standardized test venue administration
January 23-30 Make-up class period
February 1 Last day of classes
February 2-8 Exam period
February 25 Exam re-take period (eligible students)
March 23 Graduation Ceremony

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